October 17, 2022
They want to liberate healthcare from staffing agencies – launch of new brand will take the healthtech company to a global market

MyPick was founded on a vision of empowering healthcare, with emphasis on continuity. Since 2019, the company has actively worked towards shifting back control to the people that actually know the sector the best – healthcare personnel and healthcare providers. The healthcare sector has saved 50 million SEK solely by using MyPick’s service instead of staffing agencies. As part of taking the service to a global market the company now changes name and brand to further position themselves.

The new costume, with new name and look, is the next step in positioning the company’s ambition to: empower healthcare and liberate them from the dependency of greedy staffing agencies.

Staffing shortages within healthcare cost tax-payers billions USD every year. As a result of this, healthcare providers are forced to use expensive middlemen such as staffing agencies.

“Since MyPick launched, the problems within healthcare staffing have become even more urgent and noticeable. We see how staffing agencies have increased their control while healthcare personnel and providers have lost both autonomy and power. Their business model serves neither continuity or high quality. We also see how the healthcare sector is inhibited by heavy administration, time and resources that should be dedicated towards helping patients. These obstacles are a threat to a well-functioning healthcare system and our insights from working on solving this also marks the start of a new chapter for us.” – Hani Movahed, CEO and co-founder of Eppow

MyPick now becomes Eppow, a play on the word empower. Eppow’s service makes it easy for healthcare personnel and healthcare providers to find, contact and contract each other unrestrictedly – without expensive and intrusive middlemen.

In an act of prohibiting fraud and strengthening patient security all healthcare personnel that register on Eppow must have a valid license from the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (HOPS-registry). Through the service healthcare personnel and healthcare providers can contact each other directly, find reviews and recommendations from previous assignments and reduce time spent on unnecessary administration.

“At Norrsken Foundation we are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs solve the world’s greatest challenges. We know that one of the hardest and biggest issues to tackle is ensuring better health for everyone. Meybod Kia and Hani Movahed are building a solution with the potential to solve both personnel shortages in healthcare AND save huge amounts of tax-payer money. Last year they participated in the Norrsken Impact Accelerator and as they are expanding in order to take the service to a global market, we are proud to support their mission of liberating the healthcare system.”
– Funda Sezgi, Co-founder and Managing Director, Norrsken Impact Accelerator

With Eppow healthcare personnel have been able to increase their remuneration while healthcare providers decrease their costs with approximately 25% – solely by removing middlemen and hidden fees. The service has already become an obvious choice for many in the healthcare sector. With the new brand the company prepares for a global expansion with the ambition to liberate healthcare – not only from greedy middlemen but also heavy administration and slow recruitment processes.

Eppow is after all founded by and for the people in healthcare.

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