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Are you spending too much time on admin? Would you like to find licensed healthcare personnel – fast? Welcome to Eppow. Make direct contact with thousands of candidates and quickly find your perfect match. Entirely without involving expensive middlemen.
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Take control of your staffing

Staffing agencies have the healthcare system in their clutches. That’s why we’ve created Eppow, a digital service, where healthcare providers and healthcare personnel can easily find each other. Take things into your own hands and come into contact with healthcare personnel such as nurses and clinicians, without middlemen. With our service, you can read reviews from other healthcare providers, skip complicated admin, and get the opportunity to promote your unit. All in one place.

20% cheaper
Reduce costs and release more money for personnel and better healthcare.
100% flexible
Contact and engage personnel, quickly and easily, for temporary needs or permanent positions. You're in control.
0% complication
Eppow is simple and digital from start to finish. Use your own contract templates and procedures. No fuss.
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Interested in trying Eppow?

Getting started is child’s play! And it’s completely free to try the service. You only need to pay when you’ve found the perfect match and you start working together.

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Sign your clinic up to find thousands of qualified candidates
Do away with paper and pen, and handle all of the admin direct from our service
"It was easy to put up the tender and signing the contract was very simple. I also think it was an advantage that I could call the doctor in question directly to form my own opinion of his competence."
— Petter, Head of operations
"It has been easy to apply for assignments in Eppow, where I have had contact with many different healthcare providers. It's easy to sign contracts online and good that you can look at reviews before taking an assignment."
— Robin, Physician
"Eppow is easy to deal with and get in touch with to ask for help. It's also been smooth to manage agreements and contracts through the service . People who have been with us have been competent and knowledgeable."
— Laila, Head of operations


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