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Are you a licensed healthcare professional looking for a job? Say goodbye to abusive terms and conditions and insistent staffing agencies taking big chunks of your cake. Register with Eppow free of charge and come into direct contact with healthcare providers today.
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Thanks and goodnight to staffing agencies

At Eppow, we want to liberate healthcare professionals from the intrusive and insistent staffing agencies who call you incessantly. We offer a service where, as a healthcare professional such as a nurse or clinician, you can see vacant jobs, read reviews about workplaces, and contact clinic managers directly. Fully digital, completely anonymous, and much more transparent. Convenient, huh?

More in your pocket
Without middlemen and hidden fees, there’s more money for both you and the healthcare system. Win-win!
On your terms
You browse vacant jobs anonymously, and search for positions that most appeal to and suit you.
Secure and transparent
Make up your own mind based on reviews of the healthcare provider and direct dialog with them.
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Entirely free of charge for you

Want to get started with looking for jobs on Eppow? Do what thousands of your colleagues have already done and register – it’s completely free. Creating an account and getting started take less time than saying “Pneumonoultramicrosco-picsilicovolcanoconiosis”.

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How much do you give away to staffing agencies?

We want you, as a healthcare professional, to get the salary you deserve. And you should get the whole of your salary. You negotiate and agree on your remuneration directly with the healthcare provider, and the whole amount goes to you. We take nothing from you. When you’re outsourced by a staffing agency, they want part of the cake – but have you ever added up how much you give away to them? And yes, you’re absolutely right – this calculator isn’t popular with staffing agencies...

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"It is very good that you can choose which assignments you are interested in. It has been very smooth with the time report directly in the service. I have recommended Eppow to everyone."
— Isabella, Nurse
"Eppow is easy to deal with, easy to contact for help, easy to manage contracts. People who have been with us have been competent and knowledgeable."
— Laila, Head of operations
"It has been easy to apply for assignments in Eppow, where I have had contact with many different Healthcare provider. It's easy to sign contracts online and good that you can look at reviews before taking an assignment."
— Robin, Physician


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